Definition of gas cap in English:

gas cap


North American
  • A cap that closes the end of the pipe leading to the fuel tank of a motor vehicle or aircraft; a petrol cap.

    ‘my gas cap wasn't on tight enough’
    • ‘The locking gas cap is making a big comeback, with many dealers reporting that they are simply sold out of the item.’
    • ‘Letting out a nervous laugh I replaced the gas pump and screwed in my gas cap.’
    • ‘How do I get the gas cap off?’
    • ‘The trunk and the gas cap were popped open.’
    • ‘A helpful police officer pulled us over because the gas cap on the passenger side of the car hadn't been closed.’
    • ‘He removed the gas cap from the truck and pulled the nozzle from the pump.’
    • ‘Older cars may have poorly-sealing gas caps.’
    • ‘They ought to invent a universal fit replacement gas cap.’
    • ‘I pulled into a self service station and removed the gas cap.’
    • ‘She unscrewed the gas cap on the bike, removed the handle, and shoved it into the tank.’
    • ‘We've all seen that person who drives around with their gas cap open.’
    • ‘Another amazing feature of this car was the gas cap, which was hidden under one of the tail lights.’
    • ‘Not one to waste time, I unscrewed the gas cap and slipped the siphon tube into the tank.’