Definition of garrison town in English:

garrison town


  • A town that has troops permanently stationed in it.

    • ‘If the draft Proposed Newbridge Local Area Plan 2003 becomes reality the old garrison town of Newbridge will change beyond recognition.’
    • ‘York was a garrison town whose importance swelled so much during the war that schools were taken over to house servicemen.’
    • ‘In a garrison town like York their commanders would occasionally send the whole legion out on exercise and they would have to practice digging themselves in.’
    • ‘We must remember that Carlow was one time a garrison town and that in most such towns members of the community sought mementos of battles where some of the sons of that town had fought.’
    • ‘This year's Tidworth area festival came to an end on Saturday with the main event, Festival Day, at the garrison town's Castledown School.’
    • ‘It was 1809 and the new garrison town began to grow.’
    • ‘Traditionally a garrison town and thus a soccer town, we wanted to know if this was an old fashioned view of Sligo, or whether it could still claim to be a soccer town.’
    • ‘In 1829, Hegel's popularity was such that an officer in the second cavalry regiment in the tiny garrison town of Pasewalk informed Hegel in a letter how transcripts of his lectures circulated among the officers as valuable treasures.’
    • ‘These institutions led to the rapid development of Woolwich, with the focus of the town moving from the riverside to fields to the south as Woolwich became the principal shopping centre in the area and a busy garrison town.’
    • ‘Many more months would pass before the town, often described as a garrison town, would return to normality.’
    • ‘After Burguete, they return to Pamplona, a garrison town, a fortress in the mountains.’
    • ‘The giant bath could only have been built for a Roman city or to service a significant garrison town.’
    • ‘It was once a garrison town, a market centre and an important seat of learning in the Heavenly Kingdom's far-flung southwest.’
    • ‘The centre will bring together facilities that at present are scattered over four locations in the garrison town.’
    • ‘Limerick is the only city in Ireland where rugby is the people's game, as with the Borders or Llanelli or Gloucester; an irony really since it was a garrison town, but somehow locals took to the ‘British’ game ahead of the GAA alternatives.’
    • ‘‘I'm from Colchester, which is a garrison town,’ he points out.’
    • ‘Established as a government outpost and a supply station for passing shipping trade, it was also seen as a place of refuge and as a garrison town in a wild and remote region of the relatively new colony of Queensland.’
    • ‘Within a matter of a few hours this small coastal town had once again been transformed from a popular family resort into a garrison town with over 500 heavily armed police officers drafted in as reinforcements.’
    • ‘We began in earnest in Zhenyuan, an old garrison town that once guarded trade routes into central China.’
    • ‘A place like Athy, an English-speaking garrison town for the better part of six centuries, had neither the attractions of the Gaelic west or of the sophisticated capital.’