Definition of garment-maker in English:



  • A person or company that makes or manufactures clothes.

    • ‘Organising the complex ‘trim’ shipments (correct threads, buttons, zips and labels for example) to the right areas—at the right time—can be a logistical nightmare for garment-makers.’
    • ‘What a garment-maker earns is not just a function of her wages but also of the number of days she gets work.’
    • ‘The garment-maker, which has mainly operated in Estonia so far, is planning to increase turnover to 10 million euros in the next three years and to expand to foreign markets.’
    • ‘A Los Angeles investment group and a high-profile New York garment executive have bought Seattle's iconic garment-maker, C.C. Filson.’
    • ‘Australian retailers Kmart and Target on Friday joined other global brands to protect thousands of garment-makers in Bangladesh by signing a major health and safety accord.’