Definition of garimpeiro in English:



  • (in Brazil) an independent prospector for minerals.

    • ‘Rather than mine the aquas themselves, the Tavareses permitted garimpeiros to work their land in return for the commitment to sell them what was found.’
    • ‘Here we had the great pleasure of actually watching a garimpeiro extract gem tourmaline crystals from clay-filled pegmatite pockets underground.’
    • ‘At Marambainha, a small group of garimpeiros had found several hundred kilos of fine aquamarine crystals in a single pocket.’
    • ‘The few garimpeiros we encountered here explained that there had been news of an aquamarine find in the next valley, and most of their compatriots had left in hopes of getting a piece of the action.’
    • ‘After our brief and completely unsuccessful experience as garimpeiros, we headed to a nearby fazenda for refreshments and a surprise.’