Definition of gargoylism in English:



  • another term for Hurler's syndrome
    • ‘These Canadian boys were aged 8 and 10 years at the time and the legendary Frederick Parkes Weber, who was present at the meeting, concurred with the diagnosis of ‘gargoylism’.’
    • ‘Although the two distributions overlap, the means of the parents of patients with gargoylism are higher than those of the control adults.’
    • ‘About one third of the total mucopolysacoharide was found to be keratosulfate which is found in very small amounts, if at all in normal urine or the urine of patients with gargoylism.’
    • ‘The physical characteristics associated with this disorder include gargoylism and dwarfism.’
    • ‘Craig gave birth to a child with Hohler's syndrome, or gargoylism.’


Early 20th century: from gargoyle (because the deformities which characterize the syndrome were thought to resemble Gothic gargoyles) + -ism.