Definition of gardener in English:



  • A person who tends and cultivates a garden as a pastime or for a living.

    ‘a part-time gardener and handyman’
    ‘I'm a keen gardener’
    • ‘It's a handsome house carefully attended by a mindful gardener who simply underscores its unfussy character.’
    • ‘Keen gardeners tell me that there is nothing that can compare with harvesting your own vegetables.’
    • ‘Home gardeners can log onto the site to find the perfect accent for s shady path or sunny flower bed.’
    • ‘Garlic has grown in its appeal to market gardeners for a whole host of reasons.’
    • ‘Some gardeners like the idea of serving fresh garden tomatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.’
    • ‘He is a former auto worker, master gardener, and passionate environmentalist.’
    • ‘As I work in the field of analysis and policy formulation, my focus is to make sure I am more like a gardener than an engineer.’
    • ‘The typical suburban gardener won't sustain any real harm from these creatures and may benefit from their presence.’
    • ‘A long-time gardener, he now wanted to "grow things for real."’
    • ‘Gardeners interested in unusual cultivars may have to order them from specialty mail-order companies.’


Middle English: from Old French gardinier, from gardin (see garden).