Definition of garden spider in English:

garden spider


  • A common European orb-web spider with pale markings on the large rounded abdomen.

    Araneus diadematus, family Araneidae

    • ‘The web of an average garden spider contains up to 30 metres of silk.’
    • ‘The hideous monster in my bin was a gigantic garden spider.’
    • ‘Apparently they are baby garden spiders and this is the time of year they hatch out, after overwintering as eggs.’
    • ‘Here, we characterized silk cDNAs derived from the aciniform glands of Argiope trifasciata, the banded garden spider.’
    • ‘Blackledge has studied several species, including the black-and-yellow garden spider and the banded garden spider, which incorporate designs like spirals and crosses into their webs.’
    • ‘These are not your every day house and garden spiders, for those are natural creatures, and I hold no animosity toward them (other than being freaked out in general by them).’
    • ‘To appreciate the shimmering beauty of a garden spider's web on a dewy morning or the incredible industry of countless little creatures that make their homes among the leaves.’
    • ‘As we sat smoking my friend Marc looked at Brandy and saw a large yellow-banded garden spider crawling in her hair.’


garden spider

/ˌɡɑːdn ˈspʌɪdə/