Definition of garden city in English:

garden city


  • A new town designed as a whole with much open space and greenery.

    • ‘In America the first tangible result was Radburn, an idealistic effort to build a self-sufficient garden city within two square miles of New Jersey.’
    • ‘Three steps will solve Toronto's slum problems: effective housing by-laws, suburban garden cities on the British model and a planning authority capable of establishing a green belt around Toronto.’
    • ‘The Horticulture department has drawn up plans to upgrade and replant the Lalbhag Botanical Garden - a major tourist destination in the garden city.’
    • ‘Think about this and the painting becomes an allegory of the whole idea of a garden city.’
    • ‘The estate of Eusebi Guell was originally to become a hilltop garden city in the early twentieth century.’
    • ‘In the olden days, when every city was a garden city, before every scrap of land was built on and cities became slums, what was raised up high were cockerels.’
    • ‘Bandung needs city woodland in line with its concept as a garden city.’
    • ‘The dominant architectural and social forms for most middle class Singaporeans are the mall, the MRT station, and the HDB flat or condominium: more a seamless air-conditioned space than a garden city.’
    • ‘Here are conflated British turn-of-the-century ideal of the garden city and the south Asian archetypal strategy of drawing the sky into the heart of a building.’
    • ‘Hellerau is a garden city created at the start of the last century on the western edge of Dresden, and the Festspielhaus, our home for the week of final rehearsals, is huge: an early-Modern temple to physical and aesthetic well being.’
    • ‘Yes, well there is a link with the garden city ideal and the modern garden city.’
    • ‘We watch, with polite amusement, as two civil engineers descend on the rural community of Rosscullen to set up an idealised garden city.’
    • ‘Bangalore is the garden city no more; trees have lost their battle against automobiles: cars pump out much more carbon monoxide than the oxygen trees can generate.’
    • ‘His surrounding avenues of domestic architecture have the low density and lavish planting that he derived from English garden cities.’
    • ‘They designed Britain's first garden city, Letchworth.’
    • ‘A tree census is necessary as, ironically, nobody in the garden city including the Forest Department, knows how many trees there are and the frequency of occurrence of species.’
    • ‘His scheme, which would amount to the creation of a garden city on both sides of the estuary, is being considered by the housing minister, according to Building Design magazine.’
    • ‘It was built as a garden city composed of various hamlets and centered on an artificial lake.’
    • ‘The garden city has a large number of laptop-carrying professionals, used to working online round the clock, as well as a large number of international travellers who log on to this service.’
    • ‘Inspired and influenced as he is by Lutyens, the concept of garden city planning is reflected in his designs as well.’


garden city