Definition of garden chafer in English:

garden chafer


  • A small brown and metallic-green chafer which sometimes swarms in sunshine and may damage pasture and fruit crops.

    Phyllopertha horticola, family Scarabaeidae

    Also called June bug
    • ‘The rose chaffer beetle has the colored gloss over all its body, while others like the cock chafer, the summer chafer, and the garden chafer have it only over some parts.’
    • ‘The mechanism of the control of absorption is being studied in the egg of the garden chafer.’
    • ‘The species most often found in lawns are the garden chafer, Phyllopertha horticola, and the welsh chafer, Hoplia philanthus; the latter is particularly found in sandy soils.’
    • ‘What you've probably got are the larvae of Chafer beetles, usually either cockchafers or garden chafers.’
    • ‘If the temperature increases in spring, the white grubs pupate in April and from May they reappear as adult garden chafers.’
    • ‘The invention further relates to a trap and a method for attracting garden chafers.’
    • ‘Additionally, research of alternative methods of combating garden chafer grubs is taking place.’