Definition of garden centre in English:

garden centre


  • An establishment where plants and gardening equipment are sold.

    • ‘If your local garden centre does not stock the variety you are looking for, you may have to order it from a fruit specialist.’
    • ‘He is also the owner and operator of Haylake Gardens, a garden center and gift shop in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.’
    • ‘Buy onion sets (small bulbs) from your favorite garden center or catalog, then as soon as you can work the soil, push them about an inch into the soil, pointy end up.’
    • ‘If you buy your plant at a garden centre, wrap it up well for the journey home.’
    • ‘Bulbs bought in bulk from a garden center usually come with information slips.’
    • ‘A trip to your local garden centre now will reveal a good range of bedding plants that can be planted immediately.’
    • ‘Consult your local garden center for plant varieties and their growing needs.’
    • ‘The statue has been taken to a local garden centre to be cleaned and stored.’
    • ‘Let's start asking for more species roses at the garden center because they are easy, low maintenance, and if we use natives to our area, we can really help bolster the local ecology’
    • ‘Another option is to buy summer bulbs ready-grown in pots at the garden center.’
    • ‘That all-purpose spray from the garden center was developed to sell along with the concept that growers need not understand what's going on in the natural world around them.’
    • ‘Against my better judgement we went to the garden centre for a few trays of summer bedding plants.’
    • ‘I feel no urge to spend my weekends at the garden centre, the department store or the furniture warehouse.’
    • ‘The first place to start when you're planning a spring bulb garden is your local garden center or other establishment that has spring-flowering bulbs for sale.’
    • ‘At the centre, all the roses that they sell in the garden centre are planted in gardens, which you can wander around and see what they look like.’
    • ‘If you're shopping at a garden center, shop early in the season and choose only bulbs that are firm and free of defects such as cuts, bruises, or mold.’
    • ‘Whether the bulbs come in the mail, or from the local garden center, they usually come with instructions.’
    • ‘You can find these products at your local garden center.’
    • ‘Some of the handiest garden tools don't actually come from the garden center.’
    • ‘He will be cultivating plants at the garden centre to reflect the Mediterranean theme.’


garden centre