Definition of garbology in English:



mass noun
  • The study of a community or culture by analysing its waste.

    • ‘A happy Garbage Project student sorter in 1973-the Project's first year - experiences the zen of garbology as she hand-sorts and records in excruciating detail the contents of a bag of household refuse placed out for one bi-weekly pickup in Tucson, AZ.’
    • ‘He specialises in garbology and the Money Programme gave him her rubbish to look through.’
    • ‘Glen, Grand Canyon River Guide and master of garbology is under the firm belief that garbage maintenance can be fun.’
    • ‘He became known for his new ‘science’ called garbology, in which he went through the subject's trash in order to gather scraps of evidence to support his theories.’
    • ‘In the end, our garbology investigation made us realize that the 3 Rs really make sense!’
    • ‘Thought to be the first such post in the UK, a garbology officer's duties include helping children sift through and sort rubbish.’


1960s: from garbage + -logy.