Definition of garba in English:



  • A traditional Gujarati folk dance and song, originally performed as a fertility ritual.

    • ‘During Navaratri Gujaratis dance the garba or dandiya-raas, a dance in which one holds a stick in each hand, and claps the sticks in rhythmic patterns against those held by one's partner.’
    • ‘‘For many of them, it is the first time they did garba,’ said a volunteer, ‘They all are very excited and enthusiastic.’’
    • ‘Dancing will include modern salsa to the more religious garba style.’
    • ‘There are unexpected and refreshing elements of Gujarati garba and other folk forms, in a final celebratory section.’
    • ‘There are several column inches devoted to the need for political awareness among Indians, but it is as narrowly identitarian as doing the garba dance and eating samosas.’


From Sanskrit Garbadeep, literally ‘lamp inside a pot’.