Definition of gar in English:



  • The freshwater garfish of North America.

    • ‘Rough fish comprise the American eel, black sucker, dogfish, gar, lamprey eel, redhorse, sheephead, and white sucker.’
    • ‘This group included a number of lineages, including relatives of today's gars and bowfins.’
    • ‘There are bowfins, longnose and Florida gars, 15 species of sunfish, seven species of catfish, largemouth bass, and Suwannee bass.’
    • ‘For example, the long jaws of gar and needlefish arose independently and give these disparate taxa the most velocity specialized mandibles yet measured in fishes.’
    • ‘Today lungs are found not only in land vertebrates but also in a few obscure fish lineages, such as gar, bichir, and lungfish.’
    • ‘Their goal: to assess the conservation status of giant catfish, stingrays, gars, carp, salmon, sturgeon, and other freshwater fish species that grow to at least 6.5 feet in length or 220 pounds in weight.’
    • ‘The native range of longnose gar (Lepisosteus osseus; family Lepisosteidae) extends to the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain.’
    • ‘The inshore division recognizes eight species: croaker, black drum, flounder, gafftop catfish, gar, redfish, sheepshead, and speckled trout.’
    • ‘Because the skin is attached to the underlying myomeric axial musculature and to the axial skeleton, it can function to transmit locomotor forces along the fish body, as has been demonstrated in sharks, eels, and gars.’
    • ‘Long shots for the title include caviar-producing sturgeon, goliath Amazon catfish, giant lungfish, razor-toothed gars, massive cods, and Mongolian salmon.’
    • ‘A variety of turtles lived in the rivers, along with gar, freshwater clams and snails, crayfish, and alligators.’
    • ‘Dozens of wide-eyed fishermen have called to share stories of giant catfish or gar taken from local bayous, golf-course ponds and neighborhood lakes.’
    • ‘The sturgeon is an example of the initial radiation of Palaeozoic chondrosteans, while the gar pikes are representatives of the initial radiation of neopterygians in the Mesozoic.’
    • ‘Consideration has been given to gars as a possible aid in controlling overpopulation of sunfish and yellow perch as well.’
    • ‘However, the gar is special because there are only about 10 species left of this lineage (living fossil).’
    • ‘Specifically, the shortnose gar is characterized by a short (relative to other gars), broad snout.’


Mid 18th century: abbreviation.