Definition of gapeworm in English:



  • A parasitic nematode worm that infests the trachea and bronchi of birds, causing the gapes.

    Syngamus trachea, class Phasmida

    • ‘Necropsy reveals adult gapeworms obstructing the lumina of the trachea, bronchi, and lungs.’
    • ‘One drug that is effective for eliminating gapeworms is fenbendazole, however, its use is not presently approved for use in birds by the Food and Drug Administration.’
    • ‘The entire process from the time the bird ingests the earthworm to the time adult gapeworms can be found in the trachea is approximately 7 days.’
    • ‘In Melbourne, gapeworm is common in ravens, blackbirds and thrushes but I've never diagnosed it in any of the Psittaciformes, probably because they don't usually eat earthworms.’
    • ‘Birds who eat the infected earthworms may become infected with gapeworm larvae.’
    • ‘Pheasant are particularly susceptible to gapeworm, and this repeated treatment is sometimes used to ‘hoover up’ the worms and their eggs on infested ground.’
    • ‘He had some suggestions about that, but the main word is that there is not much that can be done about gapeworm since it is fungal.’
    • ‘Once gapeworm is confirmed it can be easily treated by Ivermectin or Panacur per your veterinarian's recommendation.’
    • ‘This is the gapeworm of poultry, found in the trachea of chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl and many species of wild birds.’
    • ‘A common nematode of the respiratory tract is known as the gapeworm, or Syngamus trachea.’
    • ‘The most common worms found in pigeons today are roundworms, hair worms, stomach wall worms, gapeworms, stronglylids, and tapeworms.’
    • ‘Without treatment for gapeworms, birds can suffocate to death.’
    • ‘After being consumed by the bird, gapeworm larvae hatch in the intestine and migrate from the intestine to the trachea and lungs.’
    • ‘Adult birds bearing a few gapeworms are a serious danger to nestlings and if possible should therefore be prevented from eating infective larvae in transport hosts such as earthworms.’
    • ‘In the case of gapeworms (often caught from pheasants) the birds will be seen gaping after exertion and attempting to cough up the worms which are anchored in the windpipe.’
    • ‘Like him, I too often watched my mother perform a similar operation, [but] the only parasite my dear Republican mother was ever able to extract from the chick's throat was gapeworms.’