Definition of Gantt chart in English:

Gantt chart


  • A chart in which a series of horizontal lines shows the amount of work done or production completed in certain periods of time in relation to the amount planned for those periods.

    • ‘PDP also sought to increase accountability by requiring engineers to use project management software and Gantt charts between reviews.’
    • ‘The process of constructing the Gantt chart forces group members to think clearly about what must be done to accomplish their goal.’
    • ‘A few clicks is all it takes to display media Gantt charts.’
    • ‘Your team is expected to produce a Gantt chart and to keep it up to date for use in planning your project.’
    • ‘Timetables, or Gantt charts, give a visual presentation of the relative timing of the separate tasks that make up a unified project.’
    • ‘New features for 3.0 include a project management system with Gantt charts, along with internationalization and simpler installation.’
    • ‘Since then, the CPM, coupled with the graphic display of the Gantt chart, have become almost-universal tools for scheduling engineering projects, despite their limitations.’
    • ‘For all its utility, however, a Gantt chart - and the commercial scheduling software packages that create it - does not easily allow a project manager to measure progress.’
    • ‘A typical example of a clinical study project plan in the form of a Gantt chart, showing the general activities to be completed by in-house or outsourced personnel.’
    • ‘Secondly, the Gantt chart cannot show the results of either an early or a late start in the activities.’
    • ‘A Gantt chart's horizontal axis represents the time for the project.’
    • ‘To accelerate the development process and minimize tooling modifications, Geneva Medical Products used 3 - D modeling and Gantt charts to keep the project on track.’
    • ‘When he is not looking over project Gantt charts he is looking over topo maps and planning backpacking trips in and around Arizona.’
    • ‘The user does not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of complex software when ProjeX can quickly and simply track progress using Gantt charts and Excel's standard functionality.’
    • ‘The following Gantt chart was developed using MS Project for developing a proposal.’
    • ‘A Gantt chart like this can be used to keep track of progress for each activity and how the costs are running.’
    • ‘The development of network diagrams and Gantt charts is an effective means of initiating, continuing, and completing a project in accordance with the general project path flowchart.’
    • ‘Most major projects have an associated Gantt chart with it.’
    • ‘Excel is a popular tool for creating simple Gantt charts, but for more advanced project management activities, you may need a tool such as Microsoft Project or a project management add-in for Excel.’
    • ‘This type of calendar is referred to as a Gantt chart.’


Early 20th century: named after Henry L. Gantt (1861–1919), American management consultant.


Gantt chart

/ˈɡant ˌtʃɑːt/