Definition of gantline in English:



  • A line passed through a block near the masthead and used to hoist sails or rigging.

    • ‘Our gantlines (working lines), which are permanently rigged, are three strand Roblon and sized to be sufficiently strong for the purpose of sending people and gear aloft.’
    • ‘With no gantline halyard on the Ten, Tom had to go up to the hounds and hook it with a pole and coat hanger.’
    • ‘I have trained 8 Ordinary Seaman on how to properly tend my lines when I am aloft and have trained them how to safely rig the gantlines.’
    • ‘Crewmembers were working aloft when we recorded this and using those gantlines to hoist tools and materials up to them.’
    • ‘Before working, always inspect the rope you will be using - whether it is a lifeline, gantline, or stage rope.’


Mid 18th century (originally girtline): of unknown origin.