Definition of ganja in English:



mass noun
  • Cannabis.

    • ‘In truth his indecipherability had more to do with his heavy dialect and the prodigious amounts of ganja that he smoked!’
    • ‘The stewards don't mind; they are in the galley enjoying a good toke on the top-notch ganja they scored in Japan.’
    • ‘At other times, the vocalists describe their love for ganja with the use of an extended conceit, as Julia does in ‘Spinach Song.’’
    • ‘Most likely they'd rather he gave them some of those Tupac records mentioned a while back, and a pipeful of the ganja.’
    • ‘It was a ganja plant that they had obviously been cultivating.’
    • ‘In my travels on the streets of city Kingston earlier, what I came across in three different places, was young men smoking ganja quite openly.’
    • ‘Be sure to photograph them smoking ganja [marijuana, sometimes hashish].’
    • ‘The attention of insurgents and criminals is diverted to listening to the latest sounds out of Kingston and smoking copious amounts of ganja.’
    • ‘But even if it is over between you and the girl, at least it's over between you and the ganja.’
    • ‘There are many names used on the street for this drug namely draw, marijuana, blow, weed, wacky backy, puff, hash, ganja, spliff.’
    • ‘Depicting that drugs lead to self-destruction, the poster warned that prolonged use of brown sugar, morphine, pathedine, charas, ganja and heroin led to mental and physical depression.’
    • ‘School bored him, and he wanted nice clothes, so he turned to the street, selling ganja for extra money.’
    • ‘It is pretty amazing, then, that two hip-hop artists this year have released distinguished, exceptional albums that rely on ganja for inspiration.’
    • ‘I am not criminal, I do not pose a threat to the nation and I resent being treated like I am because I like to smoke ganja.’
    • ‘I made several friends based on our common love of the ganja.’
    • ‘The Thudialur police limits abutting the neighbouring Kerala border was always a headache for Coimbatore Rural Police in preventing the inflow of illicitly distilled arrack and contraband like ganja and other narcotic substances.’
    • ‘In a March 2003 interview, he did not say exactly when a bill will reach Parliament, but stressed that decriminalizing marijuana - called ganja in Jamaica - will be within a limited scope.’
    • ‘Thirteen percent claimed that ganja had medical uses and 3% that it was a source of cash revenue.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the very first report relevant to local marijuana use preceded ganja's widespread local availability by several years.’
    • ‘I ended up trying to develop a sort of Zen chess, with the aid of lots of ganja.’
    • ‘Ruth, a theatrical agent and close friend, told the Miami Herald the ganja was medicinal.’
    • ‘Many people are scared to try ganja as it is illegal.’
    • ‘Their spokesman said, ‘When I saw the documentary, it seemed as though Hinduism was all about smoking ganja.’’
    • ‘It seems to me that some people just cannot handle ganja, especially if they are heavy users.’
    • ‘A boss describes how ganja relieves work-related stress, and we see the retreat in all its bush-pushing glory.’
    • ‘Prophet Benjamin, who said he represented the ganja community, received raucous applause as he remodelled 50 Cent hit song Candy Shop into Ganja Shop.’
    • ‘They also use ganja in their religious rites.’
    • ‘Pineapple wine, sugarcane beer, English rum, and Indian ganja all joined palm wine on the shelf of local intoxicants.’
    • ‘I've got my amp, my guitar, a place to live, my BMX bike, and then I've got my ganja.’
    • ‘Again, most of these men ceased their involvement with ganja by the early 1980s because of accelerated police interdiction efforts.’
    • ‘Questions like these are always an offer to buy ganja or marijuana.’
    • ‘The author visits a ganja field, learns to play cricket, does some shoddy carpentry, and discovers that when Americans pay to do volunteer work overseas, it's hard to tell who's helping whom.’
    • ‘Their supplies for the journey consisted of one bottle of 90-proof white rum, a bag of homegrown ganja, a machete, and a shotgun.’
    • ‘She asked him what the smell was and he said, ‘That's ganja, or marijuana.’’
    • ‘So some of the guys are into the ganja and were worried that Arizona might be short on it that week, so they decide to bring some along.’
    • ‘Now I'm the guy saying that if the ubertalented quarterback plays to his potential - and if he steers clear of ganja and girls - the Hokies will be in the Rose Bowl national title game.’
    • ‘Researchers suggest that the manner in which ganja is smoked - namely deeply inhaled and held in the lungs for a greater duration than a typical cigarette smoker causes more damage to the lungs.’
    • ‘I guess you must be wondering what kind of Jamaican fraud I am if I don't smoke ganja.’
    • ‘Marijuana - called ganja by islanders - is widely used in Jamaica, and is held by members of the Rastafarian faith to be a holy sacrament.’
    • ‘Apart from alcohol, the sexagenarian also used to take ganja and other narcotic substances.’


Early 19th century: from Hindi gāṁjā.