Definition of ganglioside in English:



  • Any of a group of complex lipids which are present in the grey matter of the human brain.

    • ‘This may be explained by the difference in interaction of the tip with the polar zwitterionic PC headgroups and the anionic oligosaccharide headgroups of the ganglioside.’
    • ‘The most complex of these are the gangliosides, which contain one or more sialic acid residues and thus have a net negative change under physiological conditions.’
    • ‘We have also clarified the binding specificity of gangliosides with proteins depending on the combination of oligosaccharide chain and protein surface modification.’
    • ‘There has been strong biochemical evidence that gangliosides are concentrated in these structures.’
    • ‘The condition is due to the absence of an essential enzyme that breaks down a substance called ganglioside, present mainly in the nervous system.’


1940s: from ganglion + -oside (see -ose, -ide).