Definition of gangboard in English:



  • another term for gangplank
    • ‘This path consists of 7 small metal foot-bridges, approximately 320 m of chains built into the rocky walls, 140 clenches and about 70 m of wooden gangboards.’
    • ‘All the ship's passengers leaned over the gangboards, some with binoculars, watching the crowds.’
    • ‘It was nicknamed the Marines Walk because, when the ship was anchored, an armed Royal Marine would be stationed on the gangboard.’
    • ‘After dropping pallets and gangboards on my feet, I learned that Steel Toe shoes is like money in the bank.’
    • ‘The result of this technical development is the production of mobile high-pressure water units which can be moved along the gangboards and connected to the fire-extinguishing system.’
    • ‘Around the sun deck at the stern there is a sturdy Niro-railing, the gangboards on either side and at the bow have a small brim so that you won't skid.’