Definition of gang fight in English:

gang fight


  • A fight between rival gangs of youths or criminals.

    ‘three men were stabbed in a gang fight outside a nightclub’
    • ‘He was stabbed in a gang fight, in an incident involving at least 40 youths.’
    • ‘The headmaster had tried to stop a gang fight involving a student.’
    • ‘I've witnessed shootings, stabbings, gang fights.’
    • ‘Other gangs started targeting him in gang fights.’
    • ‘My closest cousin had been killed in a gang fight.’
    • ‘A gang fight erupted into gunfire near an apartment complex last night, leaving four people injured.’
    • ‘Police have arrested six children for allegedly using a social networking website to organise gang fights.’
    • ‘One client mentioned how her son had been arrested for being a part of a gang fight in the housing project.’
    • ‘Most of the gun battles have been halted but arson, gang fights and looting continue.’
    • ‘There was always some sort of gang fight or drug ring or brothel around here.’