Definition of Gandhian in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡandɪən//ˈɡɑːnðɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Indian nationalist and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.

    ‘a staunch believer in Gandhian ideals’
    • ‘His government was able to establish policies to manage the first great Gandhian campaign, which began in 1920.’
    • ‘He has travelled throughout the country on foot, spreading Gandhian ideals among the masses.’
    • ‘He had shaped his public career by steadfastly advancing Gandhian nonviolence and had worked in pacifist organizations for more than two decades.’
    • ‘The continuous exposure to brutality has also steeled his resolve to soldier on, and his Gandhian belief that violence can never be the answer to violence.’
    • ‘I've marched with Gandhian pacifists and white-haired women in wheelchairs.’
    • ‘The nonviolent alternative around which the Gandhian concepts are woven has started claiming serious attention.’
    • ‘The issue was later taken up by an organisation committed to the Gandhian approach for justice and peoples control over their livelihoods.’


  • A follower of the Indian nationalist and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.

    ‘a small community of Gandhians’
    • ‘Many Gandhians who had kept mum during earlier riots are protesting this time and actively working for restoration of peace.’
    • ‘He is a Gandhian according to his own lights.’
    • ‘Let me remind her she was no Gandhian.’
    • ‘She became an ardent Gandhian.’
    • ‘He was a Gandhian, who lived simply and sought to work for the benefit of the poor and common people.’
    • ‘He sought out Gandhians to learn how India had achieved independence through nonviolence.’
    • ‘A Gandhian in body and spirit, she comes across as humility incarnate.’
    • ‘He could not afford to be a perfect Gandhian.’