Definition of ganache in English:



mass noun
  • A whipped filling of chocolate and cream, used in confectioneries such as cakes and truffles.

    • ‘Transfer olive oil ganache to pastry bag fitted with flat, narrow tip and pipe thin layer over biscuit.’
    • ‘Melt ganache over hot water and cool before using.’
    • ‘Fill the cavity with some ganache and conceal the opening using the removed section of the cake.’
    • ‘The best-of-show cupcakes here are Boston cream versions cached with a fluff of custard and glossed with chocolate ganache - fine-textured and fabulous.’
    • ‘Made of rich chocolate and walnut cake layered with creamy ganache, it's like the fudgiest brownie you've ever eaten.’
    • ‘Use a spoon to scoop out some ganache, and shape it into a ball the size of a small walnut with your fingers.’
    • ‘Bartenders add chocolate ganache and chestnut purée made in the kitchen to steamed milk and add a touch of ground chipotle pepper.’
    • ‘Thin, crisp and intense shells hiding centres of superb ganache or delicate flavourings or vanilla and fresh herbs.’
    • ‘A buttery triple-layer yellow cake gets a topping of the smoothest, deep dark-chocolate ganache, with a smattering of semisweet mini chocolate chips for good measure.’
    • ‘Dusted with powdered sugar, it might well be the ultimate in comfort food, but the dark chocolate ganache lends a bit of sophistication.’
    • ‘The ducks went into a frenzy but they got not one crumb of our crab and saffron quiche and chocolate ganache tarts.’
    • ‘I already knew that this Aztec-themed store sold excellent chocolates, ganaches and truffles, but I had never tried any of their pastries.’
    • ‘Chocolate fanciers should choose the ganache, lemonheads the very tart tarte.’
    • ‘After lunch I set to work putting the finishing touches on my birthday cake, unfortunately destroying my chocolate ganache in the process.’
    • ‘Hazelnut dacquoise, a milk chocolate thin with praline, and chocolate ganache.’
    • ‘Its gentle tang also complements sweets beautifully; use it instead of cream in dark chocolate ganache or whip it and spoon it over cake.’
    • ‘She candies orange rind and rolls her own ganache truffles.’
    • ‘At Rubicon Programs Inc., women and men who were once homeless are now pastry chefs, whipping up chocolate ganache cakes for a bakery business.’
    • ‘The black magic chocolate cake is a deep, dark marvel, its three layers topped with a graceful, almost liquid ganache.’
    • ‘I wanted a chocolate cake that would rise high enough to fill the cubic dessert containers prettily, and I wanted to glaze the servings with a dark chocolate ganache, to make them black and shiny.’