Definition of game fish in English:

game fish


  • A fish caught by anglers for sport, especially (in fresh water) salmon and trout and (in the sea) billfishes, sharks, bass, and many members of the mackerel family:

    ‘I longed to try for some of the bigger game fish’
    Compare with coarse fish
    • ‘However, I do not believe that fly-fishing for big game fish is necessarily the be all and end all of fishing.’
    • ‘Blue crystal-clear waters teem with game fish such as bonefish, permit, and tarpon, which have grown accustomed to a rich diet of shrimp and crabs.’
    • ‘The fear of the WWF and other groups is that pike will devastate native brown trout stocks and pose a danger to already dwindling numbers of char, a game fish of the salmon-trout family.’
    • ‘Using the same pumping technique that one applies to big game fish, I recovered some line but this was soon pulled out again when the fish made another run.’
    • ‘Many tourists are drawn to the area to test the waters for game fish.’
    • ‘Falkland mullet can grow to twenty pounds and would be regarded like a game fish if found over here.’
    • ‘The idea indeed comes from the older practice of sports fishermen paying to catch marlin and other game fish which are then tagged and returned to the sea.’
    • ‘The waters are also home to more than 200 species of fish, including game fish such as marlin and one of the last remaining populations of the endangered dugong - a tropical mammal which can reach up to 3m in length.’
    • ‘Lake trout (formerly the most abundant commercial species) and salmon were classified as game fish and were closed to commercial fishing.’
    • ‘The start of May will also see the arrival of steelheads into the water which, pound for pound, are said to offer the best fighting sport of any game fish.’
    • ‘The Arctic grayling, also known as the bluefish, is a beautiful game fish with dark blue, pink and purple tones which have an iridescent sheen.’
    • ‘If I wanted to visit the area and fish either for coarse or game fish this is where I would want to stay.’
    • ‘He was a saltwater game fish specialist himself, and very much the purist.’
    • ‘Many Canadian and American anglers spin fish for the grayling with a 6 lb to 10 lb outfit - which I think is far too heavy for such a delightful game fish.’
    • ‘Little did I know at the time, that I would eventually be making just such a trip, to cast a line for this legendary game fish.’
    • ‘The game fish of British Columbia, Canada, are sought after by anglers from around the world who come to BC for it's incredible sportfishing.’
    • ‘Grayling are so highly rated by many anglers, that in 1977, a small group of anglers got together and formed the Grayling Society to conserve and establish the grayling as a true wild, game fish.’
    • ‘There is a separate license for migratory game fish like salmon and sea trout but this also covers the species on my license.’
    • ‘The grayling is a game fish with a coarse fish close season, March 15th Until June 15th, both days inclusive.’
    • ‘The conditions that cause problems for our game fish species on our rivers and stillwaters can often benefit the saltwater species.’


game fish