Definition of galvanometer in English:



  • An instrument for detecting and measuring small electric currents.

    • ‘As bearing surfaces in scan mirror galvanometers age, they can become nonlinear and result in distorted spatial representations.’
    • ‘It however makes this process easier by offering the broadest range of closed loop galvanometers in the world.’
    • ‘The galvanometer rotates mirrors to change the image that is directed from the workpiece to the camera.’
    • ‘The visual stimuli were 0.08 [degrees] radius dots from laser pointers reflected off mirrors mounted on galvanometers onto a 57-cm-radius hemispherical screen, illustrated in Figure 8.’
    • ‘Crossed-flexure pivot galvanometers are generally used in fixed-frequency application.’
    • ‘To match the dynamics of the third axis to the galvanometers, the lens is usually moved only a short distance.’
    • ‘In 1902, a Dutch physiologist published the first ECG recorded with his 270-kg machine, the string galvanometer, for which he was awarded a Nobel Prize.’
    • ‘For mapping the field distribution in the BR film and BGO crystal, 532 nm light is deflected by a gold-plated mirror servoactuated by a galvanometer.’
    • ‘By using over five kilometers of copper wire coiled nearly 24,000 times around a magnet, he constructed a galvanometer capable of measuring electrical potential differences on a scale of millivolts.’
    • ‘Below is a conventional galvanometer with magnetic needle; above are two concentric coils of fine wire and a needle suspended from six limbs between the two coils.’
    • ‘Ceramic rotors (bottom left) and silicon carbide mirrors increase speed in modern galvanometers.’
    • ‘For these galvanometers the twist produced on the needle by the current was set against the restoring twist of the suspension thread.’
    • ‘A somewhat similar galvanometer is listed in the 1887 Queen catalogue of electrical testing apparatus at $156.00.’
    • ‘This in turn gives the galvanometer a greater readability, and by keeping the mass and inertia of the actual moving element low, a greater sensitivity.’
    • ‘Shake one of the galvanometers while watching the needle of the other meter.’
    • ‘The meter shown in the galvanometers section has a twisted pointer although it is too small to see in the picture.’
    • ‘Polygonal scanners compete as output devices with galvanometers, acousto-optic deflectors, holographic scanners, and micromirror devices.’
    • ‘We offer variety of solid state electronic capacitor discharge blasting unit, galvanometers, silver chloride cells, non-electric initiators and electric initiators.’
    • ‘The testing is done by passing a weak current through the circuit in which a small galvanometer is included and if the needle of the instrument moves when a connexion is made the circuit is in order.’
    • ‘In each test the operator measured the skin impedance at this point as indicated in arbitrary units on the galvanometer while the patient held the hand electrode to complete the electrical circuit.’