Definition of Gallicanism in English:



  • See Gallican

    • ‘It successfully eliminated the remnants of the Conciliar Movement and crushed ecclesiastical nationalism in the form of Gallicanism and its counterparts in several nations.’
    • ‘While the Jansenists leaned towards Gallicanism, the episcopacy leaned towards ultramontanism.’
    • ‘Louis was still determined though to suppress the Jansenists, even at the price of turning his back on Gallicanism, another severe mistake.’
    • ‘Thus far Gallicanism had remained an ecclesiastical affair, but in 1594 Pierre Pithou brought it into the secular political arena.’
    • ‘Known throughout the world for their ultramontane views that fiercely defended the interests of the papacy, the Jesuits did not support the arguments for local control contained in Gallicanism and other reform-minded philosophies.’