Definition of galjoen in English:



  • A deep-bodied marine fish with a spiny dorsal fin, occurring in shallow waters around South Africa.

    Coracinus capensis, family Coracinidae

    Also called blackfish
    • ‘The galjoen, coracinus capensis, is a species of marine fish that is found only along the coast of South Africa.’
    • ‘No written authority shall be granted in respect of red bait, coelenterates, limpets, periwinkles, bivalves, slugs, hermit crabs, echinoderms and galjoen.’
    • ‘The diet of the galjoen consists mainly of red bait, small mussels and barnacles.’
    • ‘Although not territorial, galjoen do hold home ranges, which were estimated to be no larger than 1.38 km in extent, but probably much smaller.’
    • ‘Fish species such as galjoen, white steenbras and spotted grunter that feed within the intertidal zone cannot survive where the beach has been denuded.’


Mid 19th century: from Afrikaans and Dutch, literally ‘galleon’.