Definition of gaillardia in English:



  • An American plant of the daisy family, which is cultivated for its bright red and yellow flowers.

    Genus Gaillardia, family Compositae

    • ‘It may overwinter like most gaillardias but is being marketed as an annual.’
    • ‘Some flowers that were suggested included the dogwood, syringa, gaillardia, Washington holly, wild rose, and marguerite.’
    • ‘Two years ago I planted a gaillardia and did not think it returned this year.’
    • ‘There are the usual gomphrena, gaillardia, kochia, portulaca, zinnia, amaranthus (cock's comb), balsam and sunflower.’
    • ‘It may be difficult to find starter plants of annual gaillardias at local nurseries, since nurseries seem to primarily stock perennial gaillardias.’


Modern Latin, named after Gaillard de Marentonneau, 18th-century French amateur botanist.