Definition of gagster in English:



  • A writer or performer of gags.

    • ‘Reached on the road between gigs in Montreal and Ottawa, Usman comes off more like a sage than a funnyman, as much an activist as a gagster.’
    • ‘There is a place for irony on TV, and even for snidey non-comics posing as gagsters.’
    • ‘Aren't the latest crop of gagsters playing it safe.’
    • ‘The ubiquitous gagster from Motherwell is about to invade terrestrial television with a football programme later this month, enlarging an already generous media profile.’
    • ‘This was ‘choice’ as those Warner Brothers gagsters use to say.’
    • ‘But comedy needs opposites, a straight man and a gagster.’
    • ‘Don't be surprised if gagsters manage to smuggle atomic bombs and crashing aircraft into the story.’
    • ‘One could argue that making jokes about the incident trivializes it, but once the 11 o'clock news is over, virtually everything is fair game for satirists and gagsters, and the Emmy special gets a special dispensation where topical jokes are concerned.’
    • ‘Raconteurs, those ‘called upon to say a few words’, and professional gagsters alike will relish this unbeatable collection of wit and humour.’
    • ‘After 10 weeks' training from seasoned professionals, even the dullest of personalities should be able to cut it as a competent gagster.’
    • ‘One of the best gagsters in the business, Bob Monkhouse had audiences hooting at his amazing verbal dexterity for over fifty years.’
    • ‘Hey, these guys and gals are more than mere gagsters on automatic pilot.’
    • ‘Radio has killed all the good gags and is responsible for the present low caste of gagsters and gags.’
    humorist, comedian, comedienne, comic, funny man, funny woman, wag, wit, jester
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