Definition of gaffer tape in English:

gaffer tape


  • [mass noun] Strong cloth-backed waterproof adhesive tape.

    • ‘But a damning national newspaper headline and a spot of tape - gaffer tape, naturally - was all he needed in the dressing room to gear the Clarets up for the cup.’
    • ‘Nothing that can't be replaced with a lick and a prayer, some gaffer tape and a steel beam.’
    • ‘Someone is having gaffer tape wrapped around his head.’
    • ‘Why does it appear to be held together with gaffer tape?’
    • ‘It's a deathtrap heap: the safety belt is attached to the chassis with gaffer tape.’
    • ‘The airport security confiscated my gaffer tape.’
    • ‘Mr King said: ‘She turned up on her first day wearing these waterproofs she had made herself that were held together with gaffer tape.’’
    • ‘Oh, and there was all the safety stuff as well - such as sticking the wires to the floor with gaffer tape, to make sure nobody could trip over them.’
    • ‘A piece of black gaffer tape was produced and rudely slapped across the mouth.’
    • ‘Some have tried but really you can't smoke gaffer tape.’
    • ‘You'll be sickened by what four young men can get up to with just a few bull whips, staplers, drawing pins, gaffer tape, sandpaper and hammers.’
    • ‘My wife fixed it with three metres of black gaffer tape.’
    • ‘Lank hair hangs down his back and a pair of tattered cowboy boots are held together with willpower and several rounds of gaffer tape.’
    • ‘Don't tell your actors, but shoot practice takes (you might need to put a bit of gaffer tape over the recording light) sometimes they are the best, most natural take.’
    • ‘Even the newest sheds are held up with gaffer tape.’
    • ‘Placing gaffer tape on the edge of a CD may make it unbalanced and could cause damage to the disc or drive as it spins at high speed.’
    • ‘Then I was able to get his own gaffer tape on him until the police arrived.’
    • ‘The rocket is standing on an old wooden pallet, held in position with gaffer tape.’
    • ‘Rummaging around in freezing cold sheds and garages provided us merry few with planks of wood and endless supplies of gaffer tape, which would serve as bindings for our makeshift skis.’
    • ‘He once heard gaffer tape pulled behind him in a TV studio before doing an interview, and went cold.’


gaffer tape