Definition of fuzzy-headed in English:



  • 1Slightly dizzy or giddy.

    ‘rather than feeling fuzzy-headed, I could think straight’
    • ‘Although awake, he still felt fuzzyheaded.’
    • ‘I was wheeled out of post-op fuzzyheaded, with an eye patch covering my poor abused peeper, clutching a bag of drugs.’
    • ‘Halfway into the second or third I feel drained, irritated and fuzzyheaded.’
  • 2Muddled in thought or conception.

    ‘unhealthy conditions that exacerbate fuzzy-headed thinking’
    • ‘Another source for this push to compromise is the fuzzyheaded wish that if people only talk together, everything can be worked out.’
    • ‘They are blissfully happy, not because of fuzzyheaded addiction, but because their chronic pain is, if not totally gone, a lot better.’
    • ‘They also started having trouble concentrating, and often felt muddled and fuzzyheaded.’
    • ‘In their fuzzyheaded view from foggy bottom, the federal politicians have made well-intentioned efforts to try to help people who were in need.’
    • ‘So, he finally found someone fuzzyheaded enough to let him fiddle with her mentality.’
    • ‘Newton had already almost single-handedly transformed the fuzzyheaded field of ‘natural philosophy’ into something we would recognize as the modern science of physics, and it would be unjust to criticize him for failing to change alchemy into modern chemistry as well.’