Definition of future perfect in English:

future perfect


  • A tense of verbs expressing expected completion in the future, in English exemplified by will have done.

    • ‘Translate future perfects with ‘will have’ or as simple future tense in English.’
    • ‘The perfect verbal forms function here as future perfects, indicating future actions which will precede chronologically the action expressed by the main verb in the preceding line.’
    • ‘As with the other perfect tenses, the future perfect is formed by combining the auxiliary verb ‘haber’ with the past participle.’
    • ‘Many examples of so-called future perfects do not express a clear future-tense reference at all; rather, they express a displaced perception of state, the realization of which occurs at a moment posterior to the moment of speech.’
    • ‘Others resemble your sexy-yet-matronly high school French teacher, smiling indulgently but always ready to rap your knuckles with a day-old baguette if you get your future perfects wrong.’


future perfect