Definition of future history in English:

future history


  • (in science fiction) a narration of imagined future events.

    • ‘Part future history, part Utopia, and pure science fiction, ‘Answers in Progress’ envisions black rebellion against the white establishment as a victory for the oppressed.’
    • ‘He argued that it made no sense to discuss how far such a myth can be taken literally in detail as future history: ‘It is the myth in its entirety which is alone important: its parts are only of interest insofar as they bring out the main idea.’’
    • ‘Like Heinlein, Smith built a detailed future history of the human race as a backdrop for his writing.’
    • ‘‘Their future history,’ he says, ‘must resemble the past’.’
    • ‘The program, which stars Christine Lahti, Matt Long and Logan Lerman, is a clever amalgam of family drama and future history.’
    • ‘This was a fascinating time in our future history, when dashing privateers and pirates sailed the highways and bi-ways of the galaxy using space hippo zeppelins as their futuristic galleons.’
    • ‘However hard the science there's always scope for things as fickle as fashions in funding to affect how different future histories envision our development.’
    • ‘The book is a future history covering some two billion years, being dictated to the author by one of the ‘last men.’’
    • ‘The History of the Future involves a study of a variety of present trends which may lead to the development of alternative future histories, as well as an examination of those alternative future histories.’
    • ‘In the end, when you are describing a future history, the job can be never ending.’
    • ‘If you're a sci-fi freak, no doubt you'll be enthralled by Macleod's future history, while there's still enough to interest agnostics like myself.’
    • ‘Things to Come was an ambitious project with a vast scope - covering a century of future history - and a scale to match: enormous sets, particularly in the sequences set in 2036, thousands of extras, and imaginative design and editing.’
    • ‘His genius for providing the apt cultural and psychological contexts shaping his immediate subject matter means a Burns story is both a nugget of current topical insight and the grist of future history.’
    • ‘While I agree with statistical analysis of the future history, there are these singular events which we can't predict which will have massive influence on the way things go.’
    • ‘In other words, Star Trek is using retcons (an insertion into the fictional narrative chronology) as a means to construct the future history that both fascinates and compels the more serious fans.’
    • ‘Can it rival the best of today's future histories?’
    • ‘That's the title of my newly-published future history of the United States.’
    • ‘The idea's mutant offspring, the shared world anthology, threatened to dominate the 80s, but the last decade has seen a resurgence of writers creating their own future histories.’
    • ‘Science fiction, and space opera in particular, has always been about the vast sweep of space, time and future history.’