Definition of futility in English:



  • [mass noun] Pointlessness or uselessness.

    ‘the horror and futility of war’
    • ‘In the face of war and mass slaughter, he has proved it retains the ability to shock us with the sheer frivolity of its efforts in futility.’
    • ‘Primarily, however, the drama is about yearning and the futility of attempting to suppress human emotion.’
    • ‘On realizing the futility of his mission, he would return to staring at me.’
    • ‘The narrator then steps in to comment on the pointlessness and futility of life on earth before the credits roll.’
    • ‘In its place stands the conviction of the futility of life; of the awareness of existence in a dark room.’
    fruitlessness, vanity, pointlessness
    uselessness, worthlessness, ineffectuality, ineffectiveness, inefficacy
    failure, unproductiveness, barrenness, unprofitability, abortiveness
    impotence, hollowness, emptiness, meaningless, forlornness, hopelessness, sterility, valuelessness
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