Definition of fussily in English:



  • See fussy

    • ‘On one side of the road in what looked like a paddy field after recent heavy rains a pheasant picked its way fussily around as though scared of getting its feet wet.’
    • ‘In the hotels, there are tuxedoed waiters who fussily serve weekend visitors from Milan.’
    • ‘We have followed the existing character of the conservation area with simpler, less fussily detailed buildings.’
    • ‘Instead, the Security Council has been revealed as a committee of querulous clerks, fussily reviewing the U.S. hegemon's paperwork before smacking it with the rubber stamp.’
    • ‘The system of colour coding on the sidebars, repeated untidily on the spine, to designate distinctions between architecture, craft and design, may be conceptually tight but is fussily unhelpful to the reader.’