Definition of fusionism in English:



  • See fusionist

    • ‘Yes, fusionism began to rapidly fall apart once the Soviet Union fell and the individualist conservatives saw they had little in common with the neocon statists/militarists.’
    • ‘The impending breakup of fusionism shows that this is only true insofar as dramatic changes are made to the character of the American Right itself - changes many who have labored under its banner want no part of.’
    • ‘For neoconservatives, such a fusionism would provide the wiggle room in the budget to increase the size of the military to a size they believe is more appropriate.’
    • ‘If a new kind of fusionism is to have any chance for success, it must aim beyond the specifics of particular, present-day controversies.’
    • ‘Indeed, it could even be argued that the mainstream Right today turns fusionism on its head by paying little more than lip service to either libertarianism or traditionalism.’