Definition of fuseway in English:



  • A fused connection point in a fuse box.

    • ‘The job will be not of dissimilar magnitude to replacing all the fuseways in an old fuse box.’
    • ‘The only problem I've ever seen in my short time in the industry is the top termination on the fuseways overheating due to loose connections.’
    • ‘An electrical fuse apparatus comprises a fuseway to receive an electrical fuse and an insert member adapted to fit the fuseway and to be held therein so as not to be readily removable.’
    • ‘The incoming supply can be provided from an externally mounted heavy duty cut-out for requirements up to 200A, or via an integral Shielded fuseway for ratings up to 500A.’
    • ‘Outgoing fuseways are simply clamped to the busbars.’
    • ‘I have 2 spare fuseways and intend to use 1 for this.’
    • ‘Schneider Electric's Merlin Gerin Opus range includes the market's safest low voltage fuseway complying with IEC and DIN standards for distribution fuseboards, feeder pillars and fuse cabinets’
    • ‘Removed the existing starter solenoid and main fuseways (these are already on the car and not needed from the bike loom).’
    • ‘Another thought is to use one of the unused fuseways in the in-cabin fuse box, there seem to be some spare ways.’
    • ‘All switches and fuseways must be clearly labeled as to indicate the circuit or function controlled and all switches and distribution covers must be kept closed at all times unless being worked on by a competent authorized person.’
    • ‘Solder relevant cable that your adding to the crimp, put in the fuseway you want.’
    • ‘If you have a spare fuseway in a modern consumer unit, you can fit a 5 or 6-amp miniature circuit breaker and use this to supply a circuit to the transformer.’
    • ‘A 30 amp fuseway can support an appliance of up to 7.2kw providing that the control unit does not also have a socket outlet.’
    • ‘A more elegant solution would be to forget the two old 30A fuseways on the existing board; put a 60A fused isolator in parallel with the existing board by splitting the incoming supply.’
    • ‘The next stage is to get a fuse box with three fuseways in it that'll take about 20 amps through each fuse.’
    • ‘If the Kenlowe is supplied via the Overdrive fuseway then in my opinion you are asking too much of that fuseway.’