Definition of fusarium in English:



  • 1A mould of a large genus which includes a number that cause plant diseases, especially wilting.

    • ‘Teleomorphs described for fusaria in 9 of 11 sections all belong to the Hypocreales either in Gibberella, Nectria, or Neocosmospora.’
    • ‘While developing molecular markers for fusaria, O'Donnell uncovered clues that threats of scab could be lurking in some unlikely places.’
    • ‘‘Not all fusariums in the soil are bad guys,’ Matheron says.’
    • ‘The fusarium strain to blame is specific to basil; it's a little different from the fusariums that bother beans, tomatoes and other crops.’
    • ‘Although Panama disease is not economically important in the American tropics at the moment, strains of fusaria capable of infecting Cavendish varieties may reach the Americas in the foreseeable future.’
    1. 1.1[mass noun]Infestation with any of the fusaria or related moulds.
      • ‘Anthracnose, fusarium, and gibberella have already been reported; charcoal rot will likely be observed soon.’
      • ‘Fertilizing bulbs too close to flowering time, when the bulbs can't metabolize the food, only encourages fusarium and other nasty things.’
      • ‘Wheat, for instance, is grading at one and two, with the lower grade due to fusarium, Reid said.’
      • ‘He also gets an occasional attack of fusarium on his greens which he has to treat with a fungicide.’
      • ‘Bt plants also fell prey to a fungal disease, fusarium.’


Early 20th century: modern Latin, from Latin fusus spindle.