Definition of furze in English:



  • another term for gorse
    • ‘With daffodils, those welcome harbingers of Spring, surging through the top soil in local gardens, roses, daisies, furze, etc. in full bloom as the seasons truly merge, the Yuletide spirit was late arriving this year.’
    • ‘People pull up in their cars, run behind the furze and dump everything out of sight.’
    • ‘There is something a little sinister about it, amid that green and fecund landscape, with its skirting of pine and silver birch and the furze and bracken above.’
    • ‘The droplets of dew hung from the yellow furze and they glistened like a thousand diamonds.’
    • ‘On our way from school in spring, a favourite pastime was to set fire to clumps of furze that grew in fields along the road.’


Old English fyrs, of unknown origin.