Definition of furrow slice in English:

furrow slice


  • A slice of earth turned up by the mouldboard of a plough.

    • ‘Various devices are known for digging up furrow slices to extract such root crops therefrom.’
    • ‘After flooding the furrow slice is in a reduced condition, except for the surface layer in contact with the supernatant water.’
    • ‘Where an uncut field of rushes is ploughed the rushes may reappear between the furrow slices.’
    • ‘Note: an acre furrow slice, or AFS, is a three-dimensional volume of soil which is one acre in area and 7 inches deep.’
    • ‘The depth should not be set deeper than that a corner of the furrow slice is cut off and turned down.’
    • ‘When furrow slices are laid one in contact with another, vegetation may be controlled for several years.’
    • ‘He soon found that they failed to invert the furrow slice and, abandoning mathematical for empirical methods, achieved success with a longer moldboard with a greater intensity of twist.’
    • ‘The soil may simply be pulverised, or it may be inverted as a whole or broken furrow slice, in which case it will be moved a furrow width to one side of the line of draught.’
    • ‘Cultivation destroys the original layered condition of this portion of the profile and the furrow slice becomes more or less homogenous.’
    • ‘Using the English acre system, it is estimated that an acre furrow slice, that is an area of 1 acre, 6 inches deep, has a mass of 2.2 x 10 pounds.’
    • ‘One of the most used tillage operations in Brazil is the plowing with furrow slices, known to degrade soil physical conditions.’
    • ‘They mix the soil with the trash instead of inverting the furrow slice and covering the trash.’
    • ‘According to Baria, the first step was to cultivate 6-inch, sand-filled furrow slices on top of the greens.’
    • ‘Mine pits and dumps appear to have been plowed with a gigantic plow; the dumps resemble furrow slices, and the elongated pits are like dead furrows.’
    • ‘With a straight share laid sloping the furrow slice will turn, because the breadth of the share lifted up on the land side will raise the earth to the opposite side, which, meeting with the flat of the buris or stock of the plow, would be turned over by it.’
    • ‘In the study of tillage erosion by contour moldboard plowing, the profiles of furrow slices turned upslope are compared to those of furrow slices turned downslope - the difference is a measure of net downslope translocation.’
    • ‘The essence of the practise is in the fact that the work should be started in the middle of the balk with the turning of the furrow slice inside.’
    • ‘The field is ploughed to about 20-25 cm depth, with ridge furrow slices.’
    • ‘The letterpress then proceeds to describe ‘good’ ploughing as the complete burial of all ‘trash - so complete that none is exposed even between the furrow slices.’’