Definition of furniture polish in English:

furniture polish


mass noun
  • A substance used for polishing wooden furniture.

    ‘the room smelled of furniture polish and stale cigarette smoke’
    • ‘Air fresheners, furniture polish and household cleaners may increase the risk of asthma in young children.’
    • ‘For added beauty, rub dry slate with a soft cloth dipped in lemon oil furniture polish.’
    • ‘Add cinnamon oil to furniture polish and wipe down the wood.’
    • ‘Wipe it dry at once and polish with wax or furniture polish.’
    • ‘Many of the popular spray furniture polishes contain silicone.’
    • ‘He got some furniture polish and old rags for me to dust and clean my piano with.’
    • ‘The familiar aroma of vanilla mixed with furniture polish was a sure sign his mom had been cleaning earlier.’
    • ‘When cleaning the walls behind stoves, fridges, etc, spray and buff the walls with furniture polish.’
    • ‘Silicone is used in most modern furniture polishes.’
    • ‘Light scratches will often disappear when rubbed with furniture polish or paste wax.’