Definition of fur brigade in English:

fur brigade


  • A convoy that transported furs to and from trading posts by land and river.

    • ‘Over 100 volunteers will recreate the 1855 arrival of the fur brigades to this Hudson's Bay Company post.’
    • ‘At Ft. Vancouver, the fur brigades would bring in 90 pound bales of furs.’
    • ‘The 1848 fur brigade had to use the Fraser Canyon route Anderson had surveyed on foot the year before.’
    • ‘Normally, at the junction of Athabasca Pass, fur brigades from the east met other traders from the Columbia.’
    • ‘Support was needed for the bi-annual fur brigades that exchanged mail, supplies and furs via the pass.’
    • ‘Baptiste got his start as a mountain man when he was asked to join the fur brigade led by Antoine Robidoux.’
    • ‘Four years later, while attached to Fort St. James in the New Caledonia district, Douglas accompanied Chief Factor William Connolly on the first annual fur brigade to Fort Vancouver.’
    • ‘Clyman remained at this location for twelve days waiting for the fur brigade to show up but it never arrived.’
    • ‘Then on one of the many fatiguing portages, they found a sack of peas dropped by the fur brigade.’
    • ‘The Hudson's Bay Company bought pemmican from the Indians and later the Metis as the staple food of their fur brigades and established a standard of quality.’
    • ‘The locale of this showdown is generally considered to be the valley above the city of Ogden, which has been known from the time of the fur brigade as Ogden's Hole.’
    • ‘In the late spring of every year the fur brigades returned from the far reaches of the West.’
    • ‘John Day and his companions were robbed by Indians and managed to reach a friendly tribe where they were rescued by a passing fur brigade from Astoria.’
    • ‘Reenactors depict the arrival of the fur brigades at the fort, have period camps, hold demonstrations, and participate in other events throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘Eventually, traders and fur brigades would travel over the pass along the route known as the Blackfoot Road.’
    • ‘They joined the fur brigades to Swan River, Lake La Pluie, Island Lake and Red River, often making long and difficult portages.’
    • ‘The title ‘bourgeois’ stuck to the headman of the fur brigade long after he was merely the employee of the Hudson's Bay company-the factor or chief trader or even the Governor.’
    • ‘The Company outfitted the Commission with canoes and supplies, and provided experienced guides, many of whom were Aboriginal voyageurs who worked fur brigades along particular river systems.’
    • ‘This was the era of large fur brigades from New Caledonia in the north, and the climate and bunch grass of our district provided excellent breeding and wintering ground for the horses.’