Definition of funny ha-ha in English:

funny ha-ha

(also funny peculiar)


  • Amusing (or strange): used to distinguish the two main senses of ‘funny’

    ‘‘Funny ha-ha,’ Robbie said, ‘or funny peculiar?’’
    • ‘It is usually nice to know which kind of ‘funny’ is being referred to, and this story is about ‘funny peculiar’.’
    • ‘How strange that people can find mirth in articles that contain so little as long as they have the impression that the author is a funny ha-ha joker.’
    • ‘Funny ha-ha and funny peculiar at the same time.’
    • ‘These stories are of the funny peculiar rather than the funny ha-ha variety.’
    • ‘I don't mean funny ha-ha, the kinds of things that wither and die under the scrutiny of the average dry or verging-on-non-existent sense of humour, but quirky.’
    • ‘By this I mean both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar.’
    • ‘Er… by that, I mean funny strange, not funny ha-ha.’
    • ‘This cartoon may be more funny-odd than funny ha-ha, but it's original and starkly captivating.’
    • ‘I still got a funny feeling about all this, and I don't mean funny ha-ha.’
    • ‘Rather they convey an image of Ireland as a fey, mysterious place where funny things happen - funny strange and funny ha-ha.’
    • ‘This is called a black comedy, but it's not funny ha-ha.’
    • ‘That was funny, somehow, he knew it ought to be funny - funny ha-ha, not just strange - but he couldn't put the pieces together.’
    odd, strange, peculiar, unusual, funny, bizarre, queer, weird, curious, abnormal, singular
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