Definition of funny bone in English:

funny bone


  • 1The part of the elbow over which passes the ulnar nerve, which may cause numbness and pain along the forearm and hand if knocked.

    ‘she banged her funny bone on the doorpost’
    • ‘So my first thought and the first doctors that saw me thought it might be some physiological thing, like I hit my funny bone for something.’
    • ‘My entire forearm, elbow to fingertips, was tingling like I'd hit my funny bone.’
    • ‘He grabbed it and rubbed his funny bone vigorously until the pain ebbed.’
    • ‘I squeezed my fingers trying to get the tingly feeling of hitting my funny bone.’
    • ‘Instead, it sent his elbow into a nerve shock as he felt his funny bone go haywire.’
    • ‘I'm here to say, would you all pick up your elbow and whack your funny bone and feel that pain that stops you in your tracks from doing what you're doing?’
    • ‘Likewise, plenty of medical research goes into looking at the problems of fracturing a bone, but little is done towards researching the effects of the funny bone.’
    • ‘Casey's right elbow hit something solid and she bit her lip, feeling the nerve in her arm, her funny bone, twinge.’
    • ‘I tried to give him the thumbs up but banged my funny bone on the pole and had to shriek in pain.’
    • ‘Sky High nudges your funny bone and then stands back with a hearty grin and says, ‘No offence, buddy.’’
    • ‘I threw myself onto a stool and in the process, not only really hurt my butt, but also hit my funny bone.’
    • ‘A tap to the right spot behind the elbow, the so-called funny bone, can cause pain and tingling sensations to shoot down your forearm.’
    • ‘Come on, people, let's put the hurt on some funny bones!’
    • ‘You hit your funny bone and your arm goes numb (it has happened).’
    • ‘Lovejoy started to feel a funny bone type sensation in his thumb.’
    1. 1.1 A person's sense of humour, as located in an imaginary physical organ.
      ‘photographs to jostle the mind and the funny bone’
      • ‘He is intrigued by her wry tone, uncertain of her sincerity, their funny bones still not comfortably connected.’
      • ‘Executives from some of the country's blue-chip companies dress up in silly wigs and clothes in an attempt to locate their funny bones and get rid of their pent-up feelings.’
      • ‘No amount of cajoling can tickle someone's funny bone if the inherent sense of humor needed for that type of joke just isn't there.’


funny bone