Definition of funny-looking in English:



  • Strange or unusual in appearance.

    ‘that funny-looking seabird, the puffin’
    • ‘"Parents must also play an active role in educating children against picking up funny-looking objects."’
    • ‘Do you think Volkswagen would have ever been an early success in the U.S. market if millions of Americans hadn't fallen head over heels in love with those funny-looking, charming original Beetles?’
    • ‘The earliest drawings depict the continents as having crude, funny-looking boundaries; today's high-resolution maps, enabled by satellites, are worlds away in precision.’
    • ‘All I said on air on Monday was we wanted these contestants to bring along funny-looking fruit or vegetables.’
    • ‘The way nature does it now, there's a funny-looking molecule - DNA - and a process that replicates that molecule, but there's nothing that says it has to be done that way.’
    • ‘First we are in search of that funny-looking seabird, the puffin.’
    • ‘They're majestic but funny-looking beasts, with huge heads and skinny back legs.’
    • ‘The finding is also a surprise because some scientists still feel that Neandertals are, basically, just funny-looking humans - a judgment challenged by this fundamental difference.’
    • ‘I was a smart, shy, funny-looking kid in school.’
    • ‘Some people always wear cowboy hats, for instance, and others wear bowlers, and each think the other is exceedingly funny-looking, and would never consider switching.’