Definition of funnel cloud in English:

funnel cloud


  • A rotating funnel-shaped cloud forming the core of a tornado or waterspout.

    • ‘Thirty-three years ago, a misty funnel cloud opened up over Antarctica.’
    • ‘This storm, incidentally, produced both a small funnel cloud and nickel-sized hail.’
    • ‘The family is scurrying for shelter while a towering funnel cloud advances relentlessly toward their home.’
    • ‘Squire added: ‘County officials are beginning to obtain information on the scope and severity of injuries inflicted when the funnel cloud touched down early yesterday morning.’’
    • ‘The twister or funnel cloud was spotted at around 4pm yesterday as a torrential downpour rained on the town.’
    • ‘Diane had picked up Shannon from school just before the twister touched down in a park a block away and she had vainly tried to outrun the howling funnel cloud.’
    • ‘Then you see it for the first time, a nice formed funnel cloud coming down ready to rip, twist, and destroy anything.’
    • ‘So when she encountered her first funnel cloud in the midst of a bike ride in 1998, the professional athlete wasn't content ducking into a ditch.’
    • ‘I was twelve and I rode on the back of a big boy's bicycle flat into a funnel cloud that picked us up and threw us clean into the ditch.’
    • ‘Just like a funnel cloud, the clouds were moving quickly in a circular pattern around the entire city while the thunder continued to roar loudly.’
    • ‘The soldiers looked up and watched a large funnel cloud appear in the sky.’
    • ‘The funnel cloud associated with most tornadoes results from moisture condensing out of humid air as the vortex accelerates and the air pressure inside drops.’
    • ‘The weather we have seen over the last few days is conducive to a tornado, or a funnel cloud as we call them, and we had one near Halton on Monday as well.’
    • ‘Forecaster Chris Rees, from PA Weather, said it sounded as though a funnel cloud or a mini tornado had hit the town.’
    • ‘Another funnel cloud, this one larger, and more powerful, heading towards me, Josh, and the kid.’
    • ‘On Friday, June 9, several residents spotted a funnel cloud forming northwest of Fairview.’
    • ‘Environment Canada was criticized for issuing a tornado warning only after someone reported seeing a funnel cloud touch down.’
    • ‘This funnel cloud developed in Clayton, N.M., well outside of ‘Tornado Alley.’’
    • ‘Suddenly, ahead was a black funnel cloud heading towards my car.’
    • ‘A light gray funnel cloud was extending down, at a rate of about twenty feet a second.’