Definition of funnel cake in English:

funnel cake


  • A cake made of batter that is poured through a funnel into hot fat or oil, deep-fried until crisp, and served sprinkled with sugar.

    • ‘I mean where else on earth do you have a collection of restaurants and food vendors that offer elephant ears, Cascade Burgers, hot scones, funnel cakes, BBQ and a multitude of other food varieties, most of which are deep fried?’
    • ‘Cotton candy, funnel cakes, and the twirling rides made him want to puke.’
    • ‘Do not put more that one cake in each pan, the usual funnel cake is the size of the plate it is served on.’
    • ‘Today, funnel cakes are a novelty, but the fried bread has its roots in Pennsylvania Dutch country.’
    • ‘As for me, I never did get the funnel cake I wanted, but no matter.’
    • ‘Continue making funnel cakes one at a time until all of the batter is used.’
    • ‘Well, they have a funnel cake here that I'm pretty fond of.’
    • ‘They tried to propagate some lies against me the other day, but I tipped over their funnel cake stand (it was at the county fair) and then they knew I meant business.’
    • ‘We found a drink booth, and bought two drinks and a funnel cake to share, and headed back to our chairs, chattering about how hot it was and how big the firework show might be, my sister completely forgotten now.’
    • ‘I enjoyed the dinner which was capped off by the largest and most delicious funnel cake I have ever seen.’
    • ‘Her face was caked with powdered sugar and she was holding a half-eaten funnel cake folded inside a paper plate.’
    • ‘We stuffed ourselves with hot dogs, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and everything else that we couldn't draw ourselves away from.’
    • ‘Now you can make your own funnel cake at home - all you need are just a few ingredients and some simple tools.’
    • ‘Somewhere, in each of us, lurks a little kid who still wants to go win a stuffed animal at the county fair, or cram popcorn in our mouths, or stand in line anticipating the hot, powdery sugared goodness of a funnel cake.’
    • ‘The sweet smell of funnel cake wafted through the entire park, and despite their attempts to resist, the girls eventually dove into one, giggling when the breeze would cover them in powdered sugar.’
    • ‘You don't even need a funnel to make funnel cake.’
    • ‘‘I want a funnel cake,’ I said, tossing my arms around his neck.’
    • ‘You know those fried funnel cakes at carnivals and Six Flags?’
    • ‘Jax sat beside her, munching on some funnel cake.’
    • ‘We would like to to make donuts for the morning crowd and funnel cakes for the evening.’