Definition of funnel-shaped in English:



  • Wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, like a funnel.

    ‘funnel-shaped yellow flowers’
    • ‘She leads me out into a room adjoining - a rugged room, with a funnel-shaped, contracting roof, open at the top, to the bright day.’
    • ‘Certain cacti and succulents have funnel-shaped or spout-like leaves which direct the water down into the stem.’
    • ‘Situated five miles east of Southampton, this long, funnel-shaped parish lies at the head of the tidal reach of the River Hamble.’
    • ‘A tornado is a spiral of fast-moving air usually associated with a funnel-shaped cloud extending to the ground.’
    • ‘The hoop-petticoat daffodils have large funnel-shaped cups and tiny petals and have become popular and more easily available in recent years.’
    • ‘In 1927, a heavy rain widened the natural funnel-shaped opening to the upper level of an unknown system of caverns in western Arizona.’
    • ‘His tall, funnel-shaped headdress has two horns of divinity at the front.’
    • ‘The funnel-shaped flowers are produced from summer to fall.’
    • ‘He walked over to the funnel-shaped pit formed by the bomb.’
    • ‘As he wound up the antique gramophone with its funnel-shaped speaker and began to play it I said, "Can you turn down the volume?"’
    • ‘I began lifting the raised leaves and discovered a half-dozen brilliantly colored funnel-shaped mushrooms, several of them four inches high and about the same size in diameter.’
    • ‘The Inglesham roundhouse is one of three roundhouses with an inverted funnel-shaped roof which acted as a rain water catchment area which was then piped off and stored nearby.’
    • ‘Wearing a life vest, Ma took a boat to inspect the pitifully parched riverbeds of the funnel-shaped dam at the reservoir.’
    • ‘Inside the refuelling pods, a collapsible funnel-shaped drogue is attached to a hose, which is reeled out to trail behind the wing of the aircraft.’
    • ‘The nesting burrows that some mudskippers build are funnel-shaped, with a wall at the entrance to keep a pool of water over the top during low tides.’
    • ‘Funnel-shaped flowers of bright orange or red are long-lasting in vases.’
    • ‘Daylight is admitted by a lantern and bounced off a textile covered funnel-shaped reflector built off the column.’
    • ‘The couple said the object above Crake Marsh, just north of Uttoxeter, had a funnel-shaped searchlight beam coming from its underside.’
    • ‘Sea-Cat Tails are what the architects call 'sea stethescopes', tubes which pierce the deck of the wharf to scoop in the sounds of the water through their funnel-shaped ends.’
    • ‘To prevent squirrels from reaching the feeder, use one that includes an attached baffle or that has a funnel-shaped top.’
    cone-shaped, tapered, tapering, pointed
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