Definition of funnel-like in English:



  • See funnel

    • ‘As the simulation unfolds, strawlike strands of pressurized air known as stream tubes wind themselves into a vortex and spiral upward, narrowing into the canonical, deadly funnellike form.’
    • ‘They skirted the archipelago of rocky islands scattered along the rough outer coast; through the funnellike Straits down which the wind pours everlastingly to Wellington.’
    • ‘It is formed by a funnellike depression or a groove supported with fibrillar components.’
    • ‘I couldn't see my old cows climbing up and down the funnellike sides of this wide, far-off canyon.’
    • ‘The most intense weather systems such as hurricanes have vividly spiraling cloud formation while the destructive tornado has spiraling air flow in narrow funnellike protuberances which reach down to earth and create devastating damage.’
    • ‘Each of the through-holes includes a funnellike attraction area for attracting the solder ball thereto, which reduces its diameter gradually from the principal face towards the rear face up to a suction port.’
    • ‘They learned that northwestern Puerto Rico's karst terrain - areas of giant funnellike sinkholes that form when water eats away at limestone - is the perfect place for a giant dish.’
    • ‘The dark clouds start to change at the bottom, and a funnellike shape forms.’
    • ‘A surface of the coil enclosure has a contour substantially similar to a portion of the funnellike surface of the tube.’
    • ‘As an important part of this festival, wild vicuñas are caught in large funnellike traps 1,000 feet [300 m] wide at the opening.’
    • ‘This separation may continue until the sensory retina has become totally detached and folded into a funnellike form around the optic nerve.’
    • ‘Recent experimental studies of denatured state showed that this funnellike landscape is a basic and necessary characteristic of real proteins to keep the native structure as a stable and unique state.’
    • ‘In some cities where they roost in masses, the birds assemble in a funnellike formation above the building just before dark.’
    • ‘The leaves may float flat on the surface or, if the water is lower, they stand above the water and the margins tend to rise above the center, creating a funnellike effect.’