Definition of funkster in English:



  • A performer or fan of funky music.

    • ‘There, a fellow student and member of the psychedelic funksters Papa's Magic Beard invited her to an audition.’
    • ‘Well, hear the news, soul funksters, like a wise man once said: ask and you shall receive.’
    • ‘Youth has always been contrary, and a young funkster can't get much more contrary than declaring himself, or herself, true blue.’
    • ‘Local funksters El Gonzo Green will perform at the Tatts Hotel in Lismore next Thursday, May 23, from 9.30 pm.’
    • ‘Other bands competing are Bedlam, local funksters Khaki Marquee and the all-female trio Proem - a surprise addition to this year's final in that the band plays emotive and eerie music, a world away from that of the other bands.’
    • ‘And by night, the bar draws out Edinburgh's party funksters who love to see the cream of local DJ's woo the crowd.’
    • ‘When funksters and soulsters who reached adulthood in the 1960s and '70s criticize rap, their number one complaint is usually that too much of it isn't melodic enough.’
    • ‘From all reports these guys are fantastic and they will be playing with local funksters Swanky Dee, who are always great for a dance.’
    • ‘Jazz funkster Maceo Parker brings his eight piece band to whip audiences into a adrenalin-fuelled frenzy.’
    • ‘The Today programme ain't where I'm going for my funkster grooves, people.’
    • ‘‘Penitentiary Philosophy’ is a bold new direction for this gentle funkster.’
    • ‘Bands on the main stage included retro funksters FuzzFace, homegrown indie boys Hyde and headliners Nu Blues.’
    • ‘Very quiet, very thoughtful, he's a funkster deep down, that's what I like about him.’
    • ‘This album from Skinnymalinky label frontmen, 6'8 ‘pianist, bassist and trombonist Andy Cato and the slightly less tall Tom Findlay, is just the ticket for all you funksters out there who find Fatboy Slim a little too junior high.’’
    • ‘It's sales prompted a reissue on compact disc in 1998 and once again the cover features our funksters as genies ready to grant our wishes.’
    • ‘Oh, we do buy some records - you may have heard that we love the Beatles, Rod Stewart, and those funksters the Rolling Stones.’
    • ‘Bullfrog is an album for the modern dancer, romantic and funkster.’
    • ‘Among those he has persuaded to back him are such cynical clubbing funksters as Mike Russell and Brian Monteith.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it may be that the Streetwise isn't funky enough even for the shyer funksters among us.’
    • ‘I spent four and a bit hours at the Forum, listening to George Clinton and his band of nappy-wearing, sheepskin-donning, zoot suit-sporting funksters deliver the most incredible performance I've ever witnessed.’