Definition of fungus gnat in English:

fungus gnat


  • A small, delicate fly whose larvae feed chiefly on fungi.

    Family Mycetophilidae: numerous species

    • ‘Almost immediately they become infested with fungus gnats (sciarid flies) which eat all the mushrooms before they form.’
    • ‘Douglas, thank you for taking the time to explain all about fungus gnats and how to get rid of them.’
    • ‘High moisture levels encourage fungus gnats, as do potting mixes with high levels of organic matter.’
    • ‘Three new introduced species of fungus gnats (small flies) were recorded in suburban gardens.’
    • ‘The hunter fly's soil-dwelling larvae are also predatory, feeding mainly on larvae of other insects, including fungus gnats.’
    • ‘This predatory mite should be applied to the crop before fungus gnats begin to build up significantly.’
    • ‘Another nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae, is now on the market for fungus gnat control in greenhouses.’
    • ‘They're being eaten by the larvae of the fungus gnat.’
    • ‘Not only will controlling your watering help to prevent fungus gnats, it will prevent the second most common problem, damping-off.’
    • ‘This time I've planted them in vermiculite which is completely soil free and hence should not attract the dratted fungus gnats.’
    • ‘If a cloud of tiny flies billow out from a plant as you touch or walk past it, then you've got fungus gnats.’
    • ‘The immature fungus gnat lives in the soil and are white, translucent larvae with shiny black heads.’
    • ‘Keeping the kits under your sink usually results in fungus gnats.’
    • ‘Take care not to overwater your plants, as fungus gnats require a moist environment to feed and breed.’
    • ‘As with any pest, fungus gnat and shore fly control programs are built on prevention and monitoring.’
    • ‘Although it is the larvae of fungus gnats which damage seedlings, adults are most conspicuous.’
    • ‘Correcting a moisture problem and cleaning the area should eliminate the fungus gnats fairly quickly.’
    • ‘The family appears to be a member of the extant group Sciaroidea, which includes fungus gnats and gall midges, though precise relationships remain unclear.’
    • ‘Tears or openings in the bags enable resident fungus gnat populations to gain entry into the media bags.’
    • ‘From the protective stalks of lacewing eggs to the amazing hanging threads of New Zealand's fungus gnats, invertebrates use it in a huge range of ways.’